Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision is to be South Africa’s first choice of silica and aggregate products & services, and to participate in industries where we can make a difference and assist companies in reaching their business success. We aim to preserve the ease of demand and supply to our customers and to deliver incomparable quality silica and aggregate products nationwide with exceptional service and quick turnaround time.

We value our customers and we are dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. We act with integrity, we are respectful and we honour our commitments.

As a team we are empowered to supply the highest quality of silica and aggregate products through individuals fuelled by collaboration and expertise.

Together we are a family; we value our employees and foster an environment of personal and professional development with a healthy work-life balance. We treat each other with the same respect we show our customers.

Our social responsibility is committed to support and to improve the communities in which we live and work.



During the screening process and as part of the ongoing relationship management of suppliers, we will ensure that the DMR regulatory requirements are being met, that there is appropriate environmental management and monitoring and that all relevant compliance management is being undertaken.

Quality Compliance:

National Sand and Stone Holdings (Pty) Ltd have strict quality control measures in place on all our products. We ensure that our client’s receive supreme quality products by conducting screening tests on each load.

Our transporters are screened before and after loading the material to ensure the product is in an acceptable condition and that it complies with its regulations.

We are environmentally compliant where we adhere to the DMR regulations and standards by reserving public health, conservation of natural resources, pollution control and land use control.